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V.S.U. deals with budget woes

September 11, 2003

Valdosta - With more than 10,000 students registered for fall classes, Valdosta State University is at it's highest enrollment ever. "Over the past two years, we've seen about a 12 percent increase in students," said Ronald Zaccari, V.S.U. President.

But the university's funding is heading in the opposite direction. "Our budget has decreased by about 5.5 million dollars over the past two years," said Zaccari.

The Board of Regents has adopted a spending package that includes 108 million dollars in cuts. For VSU, that means fewer classes, fuller classrooms, and no new faculty. "That could really be bad news for a student nearing graduation," said Zaccari. "If we can only offer a limited number of classes and those fill up fast, a student's graduation could be postponed by a semester."

A big capital project at VSU right now is the construction of a new multi-million dollar residence hall. Workers are clearing the land right now, but the budget cuts won't delay construction, since this project isn't state funded. "We've actually been taking money from students' residence hall dues for many years to fund this, so we can still continue with projects like these," said Zaccari.

Zaccari says despite the budget cuts, V.S.U. will find a way to work around the money problem and continue to offer it's students the highest quality of education.

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