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Parishioners honor first responders

September 10, 2003

Albany- Two years have passed since the worst terrorist attack on American soil.

And it's been two years since Virgil Crawford joined the Albany Fire Department. His first days of work, were the first days following 9-11.

"That didn't do nothing but captivate me that much further to do what I could as a firefighter," Crawford said.

Wednesday, the members of the First Baptist Church of Albany thanked local firefighters, police officers and paramedics with a lot of home cooking. The people here know that every time these workers put their uniforms on, they're putting their lives at risk.

"They're willing to do that because that's their job, yes, but because they have a heart for the needs of people. We want to say thank you for that," said Keith Gaines, associate pastor at First Baptist.

They're showing gratitude with green beans and beef stroganoff and preparing for a day of remembrance.

"I think that tomorrow our hearts need to be reminded that life is fragile, and that we owe a lot to the folks that protect us, give us our freedom and who help us in our times of need," Gaines said.

Being a protector is a decision Virgil's never regretted.

"Going into a fire, saving somebody else's property, as well as bringing somebody out of a vehicle," he said. "There's no feeling better than that."

And it's a job he does with his heart.

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