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Yoga gains popularity

September 10, 2003

Albany-- There's no jumping, running, or pedaling in this exercise class. In fact, serious participants don't think about it as exercise--it's more like a state of mind. Yoga is catching on in Albany, but not only with the physically fit. More and more medical doctors are recommending the practice to their patients.

Meet Kim Purrier, "Well I just started with this class I've only been doing yoga for about a month, three weeks."

Kim is new to these poses that have funny names, "now, into downward facing dog," that get the body into even funnier positions. Kim says, "They get harder and harder each day so some of the positions are a little awkward but they are getting easier than they were the week before and the week before that."

It's been many weeks since Kim has done any exercise, "Yeah I had surgery, last summer, just last summer." Major surgery on this ankle and Yoga is the only exercise her body can take, "Cause a lot of other sports I would just break it if I tried to do any of them."

Kim says even putting all her weight on the ankle is okay, "It's gentle it feels real good no pain."

No pain but lots of gain for Kim. Kim takes Yoga through a class offered at Darton College, taught at the Kai Yoga studios in Albany.

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