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A day at the Farm

September 10, 2003

Plains - Nearly 1,000 South Georgia third graders learned hands-on lessons in agriculture at the second annual "Plains Farm Day." What better way to learn about life on the farm than by stepping out of the classroom and into the fields of Southwest Georgia.

"We're having a very exciting day," said Annette Wide, a Jimmy Carter Historical Site Instructional Specialist. "Kids are racing from station to station to learn about farming." Hundreds of South Georgia students spent Wednesday learning that where they buy food, isn't where the food comes from.

"Most children think food comes from the grocery store or Wal-mart," said Bill Starr, of the UGA Extension Service. "We're teaching them about how crops are grown and about the crops and animals we eat and use from clothing."

"This is hands-on learning," said teacher Katie Peppers. "It gets the kids involved. They got to touch the alligator today, and went on a hay ride. We learned about peanuts and crops, and how they grow. They love it."

"We learned about peanuts and when you should pick them," said third grader Jon Bacon. His classmate Carson Taylor echoed, "We're having fun, get to be on television, and don't have to go to class."

"When most people think of farming they think of crops, not animals. Animals are important from agribusiness too," said Starr as he allowed students to pet an alligator. Alligator farming is popular in South Georgia and brings in big bucks.

On a tractor ride, students pointed out the cotton, soybeans, and peanuts. And, hopefully these students will remember the lessons in farming they've learned after jumping of the tractor and onto the school bus. "We are teaching a new generation to appreciate farmers and the importance of farming," said Wise.

The Southwest Georgia Research Center, the Jimmy Carter National Historic Site, and Fort Valley State university co-sponsored Plains Farm Day.

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