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Church feeds firefighters lunch to remember 9-11

September 9, 2003

Albany -- Members of First United Methodist Church in Albany wanted to remember the victims of the September 11th terrorist attacks in a special way. They decided to provide lunch to all the firefighters in Dougherty County, as a remembrance of the 343 firefighters and law enforcement killed in the terrorist attacks in New York.

Fixing lunch for 170 firefighters is a big chore. It will take three days to serve them all, because of the shifts that the firefighters work. 30 church volunteers took lunch to all 11 stations Tuesday, serving the firefighters a nice sit-down meal.

They will return Wednesday and Thursday, to make sure all of them are treated. Ruth Brisbois said "Sometimes we forget to let the people we should know how much we appreciate the effort they put forward to keep us safe, and we are more aware of it since 9-11."

The menu was chicken, potatoes, peas, biscuits, and cake. A good lunch, but the message behind the meal meant just as much to the firefighters. Captain Gary Ball said "9-11 changed all of our perception about fire fighting, because it could happen any day, any given time. We cherish our occupation ." Tami Coleman said "For all their hard work and dedication in this city, we wanted to say thank you for that."

Firefighter Alfred Lewis said "We love a good meal. We've got some big eaters in the fire department."

The bravery and sacrifice the New York City firefighters showed during the September 11th terrorist attacks will always be remembered. But all firefighters understand the danger of their job. Assistant Chief James Carswell said "Everytime the bell goes off, there is a potential for loss of life, damage of property. So it's always on their minds."

Albany First United Methodist Church members hope to make this remembrance of September 11th an annual service project.

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