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Love bugs invade South Georgia

September 9, 2003

Lowndes County - They're on your windshield and splattered across your bumper. It's the time of year for love bugs. "They're in my car, in the parking lot, everywhere you go there's lots and lots of them," said Julie Marsh.

For Julie Marsh, love bug season means a constant battle to keep the car clean. "If they're on there for too long, they can take the paint off, and this is a brand new car, so I'm not taking any chances," said Marsh.

But the insects haven't always been a problem in South Georgia. Lowndes County Extension Agent Myron Graham says they're gradually migrating here from Florida, and our recent weather conditions have brought more bugs than ever. "They like the moisture, and with all the rain we've had this summer, it seems like there are more bugs than usual," said Graham.

Besides the annoyance, love bugs are pretty much harmless. But a buildup of bugs on your windshield could pose a problem. "We're encouraging people to keep their windshields cleaned because there are so many, and if it builds up enough, you won't be able to see," said Graham. "It could become a serious road hazard."

And although putting diesel fuel, moth balls, or other strong scents around your home may help keep the bugs away, there's no real repellent. "Nothing's been proven, but you could try anything," said Graham. "The best advice is to bear with them until they're gone."

But they won't be a nuisance much longer. The love bugs mating season will be over in about two weeks.

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