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New face in Albany race, plus who else is running?

September 9, 2003

Albany-- A former supporter of one Albany Commissioner is now running for his seat.

Retired educator Tommie Postell qualified for the Ward Six seat Tuesday afternoon--that's David Williams' current post. Postell, who's never run for political office before, says he helped Williams' in a previous campaign for the Ward Six seat. But, Postell says Williams has not done enough for his constituents.

Plus, he says the City Commission's reputation for bickering can change with new attitudes and ideas, "I feel I can make a difference. I think some of the things you just mentioned, the feelings between the commissioners and the persons involved may be eliminated if we get some fresh blood in there."

Postell says the major problem facing Ward Six are the lingering effects of the floods in the 1990's, especially environmental and health concerns.

Here's a list of who has qualified so far for the political races in Albany. For Mayor, incumbent Tommy Coleman and Dr. Willie Adams. Ward One, incumbent Jon Howard and Alfred Hosely. Ward Four, Jo Anne Pope. Ward Six, incumbent David Williams and Tommie Postell.

Qualifying ends Friday afternoon at 4:30. The city-wide election is November 4th.

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