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New elementary school to be built on Home Drive

September 8, 2003

Albany- The Home Drive school site controversy is back again.

Monday, the school board unexpectedly voted on where to build the new school.

"We own that property," said board member Willie Weaver, who recommended the system use the land. "If we sell it we'll lose $200,000 in the sell of that property."

The board bought the land in 1999. Neighbors went to court to fight it. They complain there aren't enough children in the area to warrant a school there, and they say it would cost to much for a sewer system and other needed improvements.

Board members David Maschke and Richard Anson voted against the Home Drive site.

"The site selection is being manipulated by a few people, some of which stand to gain and profit at the expense of the taxpayers in the DCSS," Maschke said after the meeting.

Anson was the only board member that voted against buying the land in 1999.

"Going out and buying land that cost $12,000 an acre and having to put several hundred thousand dollars into it is bad for the system," he said.

In the last two years, board members looked for a more suitable piece of property but couldn't decide on a site.

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