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Salesman gives car to elderly woman

September 8, 2003

Fitzgerald- By looking at it you'd think 109 College was an abandoned house, but it's is where 81 year old Louise Wilkins and her son Willie King live.

"It reminds me of some places you see in the history books. With the public's help and some government agencies I hope to contact we're going to get something done," says Gregg Issacs car salesman Dalton Goodson.

He still can't believe anyone lives in the house. Goodson met Wilkins when she and her son paid $40 to catch a cab from Fitzgerald to Tifton in an attempt to purchase a car.

"We did explain to them that they wouldn't get financed anywhere and to please let us give them a ride home," he remembers.

Out of the kindness of his own heart and the money in his pocket Goodson bought the family a car.

"And you should have seen the smile on Mr. King's face. He was so happy. He said now I can take my mom to the doctor, now I can go out and look for a job. It did me more good than it did them," he admits.

Goodson was just in time. Friday King had to take his mother to the hospital.

"Are you feeling better," he asks Wilkins as he kneels by her bedside.

"Yes I feel much better. I'm telling them now I want to go home," Wilkins says.

And when she get's there Goodson is hoping her house will be in better shape than she left it. He was so disturbed by what he saw when he delivered the car. Now, he's decided to build her a ramp and trim the bushes around her home.

"When you can't walk you just can't get up and down these stairs. She's bound to this hot house; it's like a greenhouse, and I don't know what kind of heat they have. It's not liveable," Goodson exclaims.

Now, he and his co-workers are vowing to do all they can to turn this house into a home.

Dalton Goodson says he and several other salesmen will spend a weekend cleaning up and working on Wilkins home, trying to get her phone service and a wheelchair, and providing her with a fans to cool her home.

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