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Teenager dies in four wheeler accident

September 8, 2003

Valdosta - A day of fun on his four wheeler turned deadly for 17-year-old Sanders Jordan, IV.

"I just heard a boom, and saw him hit the tree," said Odie Brown.

Brown witnessed the accident from her home. "His whole body hit that tree, and the four wheeler fell back down to the ground," said Brown. "When my daughter went outside to look, he was bleeding, and all I could do was grab the phone and call 911," said Brown.

Jordan was riding his four wheeler down Continental Drive when he lost control, ran off the road, and hit an oak tree. Investigators say he wasn't wearing a helmet. "The A.T.V. ejected him, and he hit that same tree," said Childress. "Because of that and the impact he lost his life."

According to Georgia law, Jordan should never have been riding his his four wheeler on a public road. "You can't have them on any roadways, you have to wear a helmet, and they need to be registered and insured," said Childress.

But Brown says neighborhood kids do it all the time. "Every Sunday, they come zooming by, and they don't have on a helmet or nothing."

She hopes Jordan's death will teach other children in the neighborhood the importance of obeying A.T.V. traffic laws.

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