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Activists walk across South Georgia

September 7, 2003

Camilla- Step by step supporters unite for a common cause - bringing justice to the Southwest Georgia legal system.

"The walk is essentially to call attention to some of those issues that concern us at the prison and jail project as well as that concern the people in those communities through which we're walking," says John Cole Vodicka of the Prison and Jail Project.

But South Georgians aren't the only ones fighting for justice. "I'm 70 years old so my legs may not last but I've been supporting the prison and jail project every since I knew about it," says Elaine Lechtreck.

Lechtreck lives in Connecticut. She heard about the walk while working on a book about Southern white pastors who fought for civil rights. She's hoping she can finish the 85 mile journey and start something similar when she returns home.

The walkers are also fighting against racial disparities in the legal system something some walkers say has gotten better over the years.

"I sincerely believe while race is a big issue in prison and jail issues and social justice issues that economic issues are the major contributing factor," Lucy Grider-Bradley.

For the next seven days the walkers are hoping to encourage all South Georgians to take steps against legal injustices in every community.

Supporters says the legal system should focus more on rehabilitation programs for violators than on sending them to already over-crowed jails.

The walkers will journey through Mitchell, Baker, Dougherty, Calhoun and Early counties during the week.

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