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Family welcomes two sons home from Iraq

September 6, 2003

Americus - Having one child away at war may be difficult, but when two of your children are fighting for their country, everyday can be filled with fear.

"My husband and I toiled and, Lord knows we prayed," says Bertha Hosley, whose two sons, Anthony and Greg Jackson, are back home.

Hosley says, "You don't ever know, when your children leave like that. And I asked God to bring mine back safe and sound."

Sergeant Anthony Jackson says being home, and having his brother here with him, is a blessing. "It feels great to be home to be home," he says, "Especially near family. It's just a blessing to be back in the hands of my wife and son and family."

His wife Amanda agrees, "It was very hard being back in that position and not being able to hear from them or ask what's going on, so it's very hard being a wife."

But today, there are no worries, only sighs of relief. "Celebration," says Amanda. "Just like another breath of fresh air, knowing after all this time, he's back with us, the same way he left."

And the family hopes that he, and Greg are here to stay.

Sergeant First Class Johnny Davis, and Warrant officer Deborah Barthield also recently returned to Americus from Iraq. All four soldiers are stationed at Ft. Benning.

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