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Will Sheriff vs. county be decided by judge or jury?

September 5, 2003

Albany - Dougherty County Sheriff Jamil Saba's lawyers presented documents from the county commission during a hearing Friday.

Judge Ronnie Joe Lane heard from both sides on whether the trial should be a bench trial or jury trial. County attorneys want a jury, because they say county commissioners didn't do anything wrong. Saba's attorneys aren't oppose to a jury, but say the evidence is factual, and there's no need for a jury.

Sheriff Saba is suing the county because commissioners reduced his budget by $300,000 and in letters told him what funding to cut. Saba's Attorney, Steve Scheer, says, "They [county commissioners] told him what budgets and what services they were going to quote, 'discontinue' funding for."

When asked to do an interview, the county's Co-council Frank Jenkins agreed, but County Attorney Spencer Lee interrupted and said no.

Both sides have up to seven days to e-mail Judge Lane a response to a trial by jury. The trial is supposed to be September 30th.

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