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Pelham businesses recovering from fire

September 5, 2003

Pelham - Fire Investigators are still looking for the person who's responsible for the fire that consumed three businesses in Pelham. One business was well known, one just moved in and another was supposed to open this week.

After getting so much attention from firefighters and bystanders on Sunday, n ow Fred's, the Movie Gallery and the future Subway in Pelham are deserted and abandoned.

Subway Manager Sean Burnett is trying to stay positive, but almost a week ago an intentionally set fire made his dreams go up in smoke. He says, "Just to sit there and watch it burn down, it was unbelievable."

The Subway was supposed to move across the street this week. Burnett adds, "It has put us back a long ways we were hoping to be in our new building by the 15th, right now this is going to set us back a while until we can get everything situated with."

Investigators say the fire started on a toilet paper display inside Fred's. They have strong leads, but will not release details. The Subway already has an operation open and running, but employees at Movie Gallery and Fred's have to transfer or find jobs elsewhere. Burnett says, "It's already bad, there are not many jobs in Pelham."

All three plan to re-build. Burnett says, "The Movie Gallery just started and just got in there real good. I guess we can all have a grand opening together."

Burnett became the Subway manager in Pelham only five months ago.

The Movie Gallery in Camilla also had a scare Friday. Faulty electrical wiring started a small fire, but firefighters say it did minimal damage.

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