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Bar's Old South theme offends some

September 5, 2003

 (Athens-AP) -- Some University of Georgia students are upset by a new bar in Athens that's named after a Confederate general and decorated with Confederate flags and other vestiges of the Old South.

Students including Melvin Hines, a black sophomore from Albany, say people should realize when their actions are offensive and inappropriate. Other students such as Becca Taubel, a white sophomore from Gainesville, say they like the music and laid-back atmosphere of the bar.

General Beauregard's recently opened just a few blocks from campus. The owners say they did not intend to be racist and simply wanted to create a bar with a unique atmosphere. Co-owner Daniel Simmons says Athens is a great Southern town, and he wants to revive some of its history.

Simmons said he's gotten positive feedback about the interior, which features framed Cotton Planters Loan Association currency, rocking chairs and three historic banners, including the Confederate First National Flag, known as "the stars and bars," and the Virginia Cavalry Jack, known as "the rebel flag."

A painted statue of Jack Daniels resembles the bar's namesake, Confederate General P.G.T. Beauregard, who led the attack on Fort Sumter and opposed Union General William Sherman's march through Georgia.

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