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Another South Georgia business to close

September 5, 2003

Bainbridge - More South Georgians are out of work. The American Electric Lighting Company in Bainbridge announced yesterday that it will soon be closing its doors, leaving 160 people unemployed.

Thad King has worked at American Electric for more than 10 years. He planned to retire from the company, and never dreamed he would have to find another way to support his family. He says, "It's going to be tough starting all over again. I like it here, like it a lot. I was hoping to be here forever ."

American Electric management declined to comment, but parent company Acuity Brands issued a statement that says the Bainbridge plant will be completely closed by the end of February 2004.

Employee Kim Conner says no one was really surprised by the closings. Conner says, "Everyone expected it because business is not the same and we knew sooner or later, something was going to happen, so we expected it."

And even though loosing a job is devastating, workers are keeping a positive outlook.

King says, "Everybody is trying to keep their chin up and go about business as usual. We've got to be professionals about it, and close it out right. Keep our heads up and look forward to the future ."

A Future that they hope will be much brighter. The plant will begin phasing out employees soon, with complete shut-down expected by late February.

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