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Suspicious package turns out to be candy

September 4, 2003

Turner County-- A box that warned it contained a bomb is found an Ashburn food packaging plant.

But there wasn't a bomb - it was full of M&M's. Around 7:45 Thursday morning, the 12 by 12 box was unloaded off a truck at Centrapak. On the side of the box, someone had written that there was a bomb inside. A supervisor took the box outside and put it in a trashcan.

The GBI bomb squad from Macon opened it and found M and M's.

Asked if they have any idea who might have done this, Turner Co. Chief Deputy Andy Hester said, "Not yet. Still investigating it. Trying to track down the warehouse it came from, see if we might found out something from that location."

There were 200 employees in the plant when the box was found. The employees were not evacuated, and work was not interrupted.

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