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Farmers grab new peanut harvesting equipment

September 4, 2003

Irwin County -- With the promising new peanut harvest, South Georgia Farming equipment manufacturers say farmers are grabbing up the latest technology.

Farmer of the year Armond Morris is using the latest 6 row digger, shaker, and inverter from KMC Kelley Manufacturing in Tifton. The wind row digger is designed to more effectively harvest peanuts in conservation planted fields.

 Their combines provide better separation of peanuts and vines. KMC reports they are selling their harvesters and combines as quickly as they can make them. Farmers are buying new equipment because of the expected windfall harvest.

K.M.C. CEO E. Lanier Carson said "The peanut program being changed, I think there is a lot of money in some of the growers hands.Their machines are outdated, worn out. There is pent up demand, they are coming in purchasing equipment this year. I think this will continue the next three or four years in the peanut industry."

 K.M.C. manufacturing in Tifton has hired 25 new employees this spring, because of the increased demand for their harvesters and combines.

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