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Peanut harvesting season begins

September 4, 2003

Irwin County -- It's peanut harvest time in South Georgia. Farmers with early peanuts are digging them up now, with high hopes for a bumper crop.

Armond Morris, the Farmer of the year in the Southeastern United States, began harvesting his peanuts this morning. These dry land peanuts are the first of his 700 acres ready to harvest.

Morris said "Our maturity may be off, but These peanuts were planted April 14th. So that gives you an idea, they are about 138 or 140 days old. So by days there are correct."

 Morris planted this field with conservation tillage, and he is pleased at first sight. He thinks they will yield 3,500 to 4,000 pounds per acre. Morris thinks most South Georgia peanut growers also are looking for bumper crops.

Morris said "I think state wide yields are going to be pretty good. And the quality of the nut looks pretty good, and we hope we would have a pretty good grade."

Under the new farm bill, peanut farmers will make $355 per ton. Farmers with a good yield should make a much needed profit. Morris said "In general, they are going to be much better than they have been in the past."

After the five year drought, Morris said this summers rains have given farmers a challenge with insects and disease. But he feels overall the wet summer will deliver a great crop of peanuts.

 Morris said he planted peanuts at several different times this spring, and will continue his harvest through November.

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