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How easy is it to get a fake I.D.?

September 4, 2003

Albany-- How easy is it to get a fake I.D.? Last week, an Albany DMVS employee was busted for making them. The DMVS says there are plenty of checks to make sure the person and the driver's license are legitimate.

Tim Hutchinson and his family just moved to town.

"We need to change our driver's license from Florida to Georgia." After showing his Florida license, Hutchinson is handed a form and moves to another line. He says Florida asked for more identification, "They wanted a birth certificate, your driver's license and another piece of identification."

If you are moving to Georgia, like Tim, and need a license, the state has a laundry list of requirements. But in Tim's case they only needed one document, his Florida driver's license."

"See I also had a Georgia license within the last year, and I had been in the state the last twenty years before that so maybe that's why they didn't ask for all of those things." That's exactly why--Hutchinson's records are still in the Georgia system.

After the eye exam, Hutchinson takes his number and waits again, "This reminds me of one of those futuristic movies where they call your number and you get zapped." His number is called--after fingerprinting and the mandatory picture, Tim Hutchinson has his Georgia driver's license. For him the process was quite simple, all it took was his old Florida I.D.

A DMVS spokesperson says they take several precautions in order to check out people before they are issued a license. She says many of those checks happen behind the scenes. It's still not known who the Albany DMVS employee was giving phony driver's licenses too.

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