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Kinder-Music kids excel in Math and English

September 4, 2003

Albany-- Fourteen month old George O'Hanlon is in for an hour of musical fun at Kindermusic. He joins a group of other kids and their mommies to start learning music at an early age. "For George, it's very much learning to participate watching the other children because he is the youngest and he really likes coming,"says George's mother Caron O'Hanlon.

People are becoming more aware that music can enhance a child's ability to perform well in academic areas. Shelley Kelley is the instructor for Kindermusic. "It uses verbal skills as well as mathematical and logical skills. Studies have shown there was the Mozart effect that listening to music helps you but now it's showing that's not true. You have to actively be involved," says Keeley.

When kids have an opportunity to learn music they can also develop self-discipline and good behavior. Keeley claims "At the beginning of the class we have a time where they have to put their instruments away, and eighteen month old children usually don't want to put things away that are usually fun"

These children are learning through music, a lot more than they even realize "It teaches you to concentrate. It helps your memory power in terms of remembering repetitions and things with rythems and if you actually want to study music at a later date, to get an appreciation at such an early age, I think is great." says O'Hanlon.

Learning music is not only a social opportunity for these kids, it is teaching them to be better communicators and listeners. "We sing simple songs and rhymes and you can see children who struggle verbally want to do it because it's a fun thing," explains Keeley.

These kids have a lot to be happy about as they march into bright futures. But for now, George, his mommy and his friends can't wait to march back into kindermusic next week.

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