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Former cop to charge D. A.

D. A. Ken Hodges D. A. Ken Hodges
Woody Hart Woody Hart

September 4, 2003

Albany-- A former Dougherty County Assistant Police Chief plans to file an ethics complaint against the District Attorney. Woody Hart's wife told us today they plan to file complaints against Ken Hodges with the State Ethics Commission and Georgia Bar Association.

They say Hodges is going too far to try to force Hart to spend three months in state prison after he served 24 months in federal prison. Last week, the State Court of Appeals ruled Superior Court Judge John Crosby must issue a whole new sentence to clear up the confusion.

Both sides say that's a good decision. "I believe what he's going to do is issue a sentence of 24-months, time served, and I do not expect Mr. Hart to be serving any more time in prison," said Hart's Attorney Joe Vaknin

"We plan on doing what the decision said," said Hodges. "That is having a resentencing hearing and we will advance our position again and that is that corruption by high-ranking law enforcement officials deserves stiff penalties."

The resentencing hearing is set for October 9th. In March 2001, Hart pleaded guilty to bribery and perjury charges connected with the Childre Chevrolet embezzlement case.

 Ken Hodges says allegations that he committed ethics violations are baseless.

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