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Man found dead inside burned home

September 3, 2003

Cordele-- Firefighters got a call around 5:00AM that a house was on fire. They discovered 55-year-old Samuel Simpson's body inside. Family members do not believe foul play was involved in Simpson's death.

Family and friends of Samuel Simpson, who they call Larry, are in shock. "I'm just wondering what happened,"said the victim's Sister, Sandra Simpson Sandra, saw her brother's house burn, with him inside. "They called me at about five o’clock this morning and told me the house was on fire, and he was in there."

The fire started in the kitchen. It's likely that Samuel Simpson turned on the stove before he suffered what family members say was a heart attack. "They say he had a little bump on his head, you know a scar on his head."

Family members think Simpson might have had a heart attack, falling and hitting his head in the bathroom. That's were his body was found.

"I don't think no one bothered him, I just think it was something that couldn't be helped," said Sandra.

James Beal is a life-long friend, and insists Simpson did not have an enemy. "I know one thing, he didn't bother nobody. He was just a good guy. He wouldn't hurt nobody and nobody would hurt him."

A good guy that friends and family say they'll miss. Simpson's body has been sent to the Crime Lab. The exact cause of death is unknown.

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