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Gas war declared in Nashville

Quincy McMillan, L&M Mart owner Quincy McMillan, L&M Mart owner
Brandy Burkhalter Brandy Burkhalter

September 3, 2003

Nashville --  South Georgians are flocking to Nashville to fill up their gas tanks. "The prices are awesome," said Burandi Burkhalter. "I'm filling up this car, then I'm going to bring another one and my wife's coming later," said Johnny Loftly.

In towns like Albany and Valdosta, the average price for gas is about $1.50 a gallon, but in Nashville, it's almost 50 cents less. "It's worth the drive," said Loftly.

The savings brought Brandy Burkhalter all the way from Lakeland. "It usually costs me about $16.00 to fill up and this time I did it for $12.00, so that's a good deal for me," said Burkhalter.

Since Sunday, gas prices have been as low as $1.12 at Flash Foods and across the street at L & M Mart. But the big question is, why the sudden drop?

"It's all about competition," said Quincy McMillan, L&M Mart owner. "Flash Foods across the street has put everyone that's owned this station out of business, but we'll keep going lower and we're not going anywhere."

McMillan says he doesn't plan on the prices going any lower, but he'll keep them at that cost until the gas war is over.

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