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Child bitten by snake, rushed to hospital

September 1, 2003

Lee County-- A Lee County toddler is bitten by a poisonous snake.

Two-year-old Zeke Dean was transported by plane to Egelston Children's Hospital in Atlanta Sunday night after a rattlesnake bit him. It happened here, in his fenced-in backyard on Springlake Drive. Hi Great Aunt, Bebe Adair, says, "But he is doing well and he is doing fine and we are so grateful for that but we want other parents to know since it is Labor Day weekend and they are out of school to be aware."

Family members are concerned there might be more rattlesnakes nearby since the rattler that bit Zeke was a baby. If you are bitten, wash the area with clean water and soap. Immobilize the bitten area, keeping it lower than your heart. And of course, seek medical help right away.

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