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Horse injured by hit and run

August 31, 2003

Worth County - Kay Faulk and her horse Zack have been training six years for a 100 mile endurance run, but today that training suddenly came to a stop.

Kay says, "All I felt was a big thump and him just going crazy."

They were running down this dirt road in Worth County, when a man in a loud truck came up behind them, hitting Zack.

"He wasn't on the opposite side trying to avoid," says Kay, "He was too close."

Kay ripped off her shirt and wrapped it around the wound. She brought Zack home and his leg was stitched up. But now he faces several months of recovery.

And although Kay is relieved that she was not injured, she says things could have been much worse.

She says she hopes people learn from this accident. "I just want people to be really careful. Slow down and watch out for the horses."

Police are working on locating the man who was driving the truck.

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