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Flea Market Finds

August 31, 2003

Albany - Shoes, Jewelry, cars, flowers, toys, ceramics, and books. And lots and lots of clothes.

Tiffany Powell comes to Kitty's Flea Market to find good deals on clothes, and socialize.

If you want it, you can find it at the flea market. From giant snakes, to puppy dogs, it really is a one stop shopping place.

Jerry Eaddy says he's shopped at flea markets all of his life, so it just seemed fitting to open up his own booth there. He owns the Leather Shop, a one stop shop for new leather goods.

At only $4.00 a table, anyone can set up a booth. And no matter what your reason is to come to the flea market, you can always find something that's meant just for you.

Kitty's flea market is open every weekend.

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