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Lung transplant proves healing for preteen

August 29, 2003

Albany- In a fierce round of a quiz game in Mrs. Cook's classroom at Life Christian Academy, the seventh graders are looking for victory.

Their classmate Victoria Doolittle has already found it.

Last August, Victoria had a double-lung transplant to treat her primary pulmonary hypertension. Twelve months later and 12-years strong, you would never know it.

"She was running faster than the physical therapist within weeks," said Victoria's mother Gelene Doolittle.

Her body is stronger and so is something else far more important to Victoria.

"I have more faith than I had before my transplant in God, so I feel much stronger and stuff now," Victoria said.

Her lungs are functioning fine, aside for some problems with infection and a weak immune system. But for the most part, life is back to normal.

"Outside of maybe the, you know how teenage girls like to argue with their mothers about everything..." Gelene began.

"No I don't," Victoria said.

"See," Gelene laughed. "Outside of the arguing about everything, every day is a blessing and every day is a wonderful gift."

Her future is bright. She's making plans and talks about being a nurse or maybe a missionary.

"So I can tell people that as much faith as you have in God now, have faith in God because he's going to take care of you."

Victoria knows. She's already experienced that victorious healing.

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