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Don't fall for trendy Diet Scams

August 29, 2003

Albany- Lose 10 pounds in just two days, block calories with starch away, and sip yourself slim; these are just a few of the most popular diets advertised on television, in magazines and on the Internet.

Betty Clark who works out at Tony's Gym says "I don't believe in pills that will make you lose weight. I think you should exercise like I'm doing."

Many weight watchers are also getting in on popular diets like the South Beach Diet or the Atkins Diet which eliminates carbohydrates. Jeff Wilkerson, a personal trainer and nutritionist at Tony's Gym claims "Anybody can lose weight by cutting out carbohydrates but that's not a healthy way to do it. It's not the right way to do it."

The Hollywood Diet and Miami Diet flush the body of it's fluids resulting in an unhealthy rapid weight loss. "The only thing you can do is lose water and when you lose water and then you go out and start exercising your body is dehydrated. Then that's when you start running a risk of having a heart attack or stroke," says Wilkerson.

Alice Johnson understands that trendy diets can help you trim down but it may not be healthy, and the weight is not likely to stay off. "I do know someone who lost ten pounds in two days but it comes back quickly" says Johnson.

Many people fall for phony diet scams and after time will eventually give up on losing weight, but the key is staying focused on a healthy lifestyle. "I really belive you've got to want to lose weight and you have to excercise and cut down on your eats," claims Clark.

Once you develop healthy eating and exercise habits, you will know your body is in shape and those extra pounds are not likely to return.

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