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Youngster found in roadway

Chase Lancaster Chase Lancaster
Sandy Lancaster Sandy Lancaster

August 29, 2003

Cordele-- Little Chase Lancaster wandered away from the First Baptist Church Child Development Center Monday morning. And seconds later, he was walking in the middle of busy 13th Avenue.

Chase Lancaster is carefree now, but his mother, Sandy, says her three-year-old son was in harm's way Monday morning, and she wants to know why. "He was unaware of the danger he was in but he is three-years-old. He should have been watched by the day care, but he wasn't," said his mother.

"I was not given a reason why Chase was not being watched, and I was not given a reason why the door had not been fixed. The door has been like that for quite some time."

The day care director says Chase walked through a broken classroom door, through these exit doors, and onto 13th Avenue. Chase found his way to the center of the road, walking the yellow line toward 5th Street.

A woman driving by stopped to get Chase out of the busy road. "I mean I've thanked that woman over and over again, she saved my son's life. He could have been run over, kidnapped by some sick person, and she stopped and she saved my son's life," said Mrs. Lancaster.

Chase is fine now, but his mother is angry, she says the day care director didn't even tell her right away. She wants other parents to know what happened, and wants the day care to take responsibility for a mistake that might have cost her son's life. "You know I put their lives in this day care center's hand and they let my child wander out of the daycare and in the middle of the road."

The day care director says she is sorry, and says the broken classroom door Chase escaped through has been fixed.

While our news team was there, they discovered the exit doors Chase went through were also broken, and notified the director.

She now says new doors have been ordered. The Department of Human Resources, the state agency that overseas the day care, is investigating.

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