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City's emergency communications restored

August 29, 2003

Albany--  Albany's top line emergency communications system is working again, after being knocked out by lightning Thursday night.

A lightning bolt hit a 300 foot tower and burned up the electronic circuitry in both the main frame and back up system. So dispatchers had to rely on the old UHF radio system.

Friday afternoon Albany Communication workers had new circuitry flown in and installed and the 800 Megahurtz system is back up. "We are communicating by the old U.H.F. system, that's the old radio system," said Central Services Director Stephen Collier. "That is the contingency plan that we had all along, in case something like this happened, we could use that system." 

The lightning caused about $20,000 worth of damage. The city has insurance that will cover most of that cost.

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