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"Hands Across the Border" pledges to protect motorists

August 28, 2003

Lowndes County - Labor Day weekend means lots of traffic on Georgia highways. But Georgia and Florida law enforcement are making a border to border pledge to keep you safe. "We're trying to send the message that no matter where you're traveling to, we're going to do everything we can to save lives on Georgia roadways," said Ricky Rich, Governor's Office of Highway Safety.

Thursday, they met at the Georgia/Florida line to kick off the "Hands Across the Border" campaign. The official handshake symbolizes a partnership to protect motorists. "We've got sobriety checkpoints, we're looking for seat belt violators, and anything you're doing wrong, we're going to see it and stop it," said Jamie Sullivan, GSP.

Their goal is to reduce the grim holiday travel statistics. "Nineteen people are expected to die on Georgia roads this year, and that's just too many to lose," said Rich.

And consider this your warning. Highway patrols say if you're caught drinking and driving or breaking any traffic laws, you'll face steep fines and potential jail time. "We've got the batmobile out, we're looking to make sure everyone's wearing their safety belt, and if you're breaking the law, you'll pay the price," said Sullivan.

But using a little extra caution, planning ahead for your trip, and bucking up will keep you and your family safe.

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