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South Georgians trying to get a close look at Mars

August 27, 2003

Albany- Mars is closer to Earth than it's been in a long, long time.

South Georgia Stargazers were out tonight tracking the Red Planet. It's the closest encounter in nearly 60-thousand years, and some parents say it's a good chance for children to experience science outside a textbook.

"I think it will stick with them being able to see it for themselves, I think it's really a lasting experience for them," said Pat Jackson, a parent who had a group of homeschool children at Westover High School Wednesday night trying to get a look at the Red Planet.

"I wanted to see the planet Mars because that's the planet that most interests me instead of Earth," said 10-year-old Jade' Anthony.

Mars was at its closest point to earth around 5:30 this morning. You'll be able to see Mars through mid-September.

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