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Flu shot vaccine to be plentiful

August 27, 2003

Albany -- There should be plenty of flu vaccine to go around this winter. There was a shortage of the vaccine the last two years, but manufacturers will be able to meet the demand in 2003.

At the Dougherty County Health Department, the flu vaccine should start arriving in the next month. The C.D.C. says the two vaccine makers will produce more than 85 million doses of the flu shots. Those flu shots are credited with much milder influenza outbreaks.

Health department Pharmacy Director Joe Whaley said "The health care community has done a good job in educating our citizens to the needs of flu shots. The primary people who need them are people age 65 and over. Anybody who is chronically ill. Health providers, first responders like firemen or police. Then any children on long term aspirin therapy."

The flu shots should become available in October. They are recommended for anyone age six months or older, who are at increased risk of flu complications.

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