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Toddler killed by yellow jackets

August 27, 2003

Cordele-- A Cordele toddler is killed by yellow jackets.

Two-year-old Bryanna Harvey stepped on a yellow jacket nest while playing in a relative's yard in Jacksonville, Florida. The yellow jackets swarmed her and stung her repeatedly.

Family friend Isaac Owens says, "The family wants everyone to know it can happen. It has happened to us. It is such a tragedy, but it can happen at any time. With this time of year children are out playing and you think they are safe in their own backyards and homes. Sometimes nests are built and we are not aware of them until it is too late."

Yellow jackets nests are typically underground and not easily spotted. And sometimes they build nests in bushes and shrubs. The toddler was buried Monday in Cordele.

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