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Store camera leads to arrest

August 27, 2003

Albany-- Store Surveillance photos helped lead Police to an Albany man, who is being charged with robbing six stores.

Twenty-two-year-old Dallas Simmons is charged with six counts of robbery by force and aggravated assault.

Investigators say that is Simmons, who ordered the clerk to give him money Saturday morning. He is also charged with robbing five other stores in Albany, using the same method each robbery.

"He made contact with the clerk at the counter. She opened the register and changed money," said Sgt. Keithen Hall of APD. "He would give her a dollar or so. Once the register was open, he'll push them back and grab the money out of the cash register and run out of the store."

Simmons was arrested where he worked, at Homes Plus, just a block from the Expresslane Store on Sylvester Road.

Investigators say Simmons confessed to all six robberies.

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