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DC Commissioners urged to oppose Patriot Act

August 25, 2003

Albany - An Albany lawyer says the Federal Patriot Act is unconstitutional. Jim Finkelstein is urging county employees not to cooperate with the feds.

The Patriot Act gives the Government liberal powers to fight terrorist. The Government can, for example, order librarians to disclose what books and movies you've check out from the public library.

Finkelstein says every demand for information from the feds should be heard by a judge who would then decide if the request is constitutionally justifiable. "We've have laws in place to investigate crimes since the constitution was written, and they work pretty well. We don't need the federal government looking over our shoulders and watching everything we do," said Finkelstein.

Right now, the 94 U.S. Attorneys across the nation are pushing for support of the anti terrorism bill. County commissioners plan to review the Patriot Act and then decide what, if any, resolution opposing the legislation they might consider.

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