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Gas prices are Up, Up, and Away

August 25, 2003

Albany - You'll feel the pinch when you fill up your gasoline tank this holiday weekend, as gas prices peak to a near record high. The average cost of a gallon of gas has increased $0.15 in two weeks, hovering at about $1.75 nationwide.

In Albany, unleaded gas averaged about $1.53 a gallon on Monday. And you won't see prices go down very much for the next few weeks.

Gas stations are gearing up for the busy holiday weekend. Thousands of travelers will hit the road for Labor Day getaways. Alfred Roberts and his wife are always on the go. "My wife and I travel every week. We go to Bainbridge, Thomasville, or where ever. We love to get out," said Roberts.

Roberts is driving to Atlanta to visit family over the holiday weekend. And, he knows filling his tank will drain his wallet. "These prices are ridiculous. But, we have to buy gas."

AAA Auto Club predicts more people will travel this Labor Day Weekend than they have in the last 9 years. A high demand for gas causes price to skyrocket. Add to that problems at refineries in the Northeast thanks to the blackout and in Arizona where a major pipe ruptured last week, and the result is the highest price hike in the last 50 years.

"This is outrageous. I don't like it, nobody likes it," said Gerald White. White drives more than 200 miles a day delivering flowers. His employer, Tri-State Florist, charges extra for out of town deliveries to compensate for the high cost of gas. "These prices are certainly hurting the business."

AAA predicts gas prices will drop by the end of September, but that won't ease the pain of traveling this Labor Day weekend for work or for play.

Here are some tips on saving money on gas. Shop around for the best gas prices in town. Service your car and check your tires before leaving on your holiday trip. A car that runs well saves gas. And, travel during the coolest parts of the day so you don't have to turn up the gas-burning air conditioner.

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