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Genetic disease doesn't stop runner

August 25, 2003

Albany - A southwest Georgia runner wins first place this weekend in a national competition. She's nearly 60-years-old and is in the best shape of her life. Collie Robinson is not letting anything slow her down, including a genetic disease.

Robinson loves hitting the pavement. She says, "I don't see myself as being old. If I put my mind to it, I can do it."

The 57-year-old runner just won first place in a national competition, but she didn't do it alone. Robinson runs holding a string that's attached to a running partner. She explains, "It keeps me from going off the side, running of course into the ditch or running into someone."

Robinson has a genetic eye disease. She adds, "I have light perception and I've been this way for 15 to 20 years."

Her blindness hasn't stopped her from staying on track. This weekend she competed in the 5K Midnight Express in Columbus. She was up against 40 other blind and visually impaired runners, including males. Robinson says, "I just want persons with disabilities to know that the sky is the limit."

Robinson never thought she would be a competitive runner, especially long distance running. However, she's going the distance becoming a top runner and a confident role model.

Robinson is the Independent Living Instructor at the Lion's Learning Rehabilitation Center in Albany. They are working on creating a similar race in Albany by October of next year.

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