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Power outage still forcing blood shortage

August 25, 2003

Albany-- The effects of the massive power outage are being felt here in Southwest Georgia.

People donating blood at the Albany Donor Center helped fill depleting blood supplies, supplies that are even more scarce since eleven days ago.

The blackout in the northeast and midwest has forced the Red Cross to divert extra blood supplies to those areas since blood couldn't be collected during the power outage.

Donor Recruitment Representative Patsy McMath says, "We have a lot of building back to do. We've had to send our blood elsewhere and we are used to getting blood, used to be supplemented by these regions, and that's one thing that's made our blood supply really low."

The upcoming Labor Day weekend is expected to stress blood supplies even more. The blood shortage has not caused any surgery cancellations in local hospitals. That's because most patients give blood prior to their elective surgery.

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