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10 Country: Bobby’s Running Wild

The Running Man-  Bobby Chasteen The Running Man- Bobby Chasteen

August 26, 2003

Tifton--  We often see people running through our streets and neighborhoods, many times with sad looks on their faces while looking hot, tired and bored. But one jogger doesn’t look like that because he adds a little spice to his running.

He’s prepared and ready to run away, from his office. “I don’t think I’m running much unless I get in a hundred miles a month,” says Bobby Chasteen, as he zips open his red and black bag that holds his running clothes, watch and shoes.

The runaholic comes to work with everything he needs to pound the pavement; including is own running history book. “Since January first, 784,”says Chasteen.

That’s 748 miles already in the book. He started keeping his history book on January 1, 1989, and so far he has he has run around the world at least once, more than 25,000 miles.

His history book tells him how many miles he has on his running shoes. He notes when he started wearing a new pair since he puts about 400 miles on each one. He tries to runs about six times a week for relaxation and to clear his mind, and for another rewarding reason.

“I also like picking up a little money on the side of the road, too,” says Chasteen. After barely breaking a sweat, a find. “It’s been worth my while already and we’ve only been on the road for a minute,” says Chasteen as he puts a road-weary penny in his pocket.

He really looks around intersections, slowing down to scan the pavement, finding a coin, means more than how fast he runs. “Lots of coins tend to accumulate at intersections,” says Chasteen. Sure enough, as luck would have it, he finds another penny at another intersection. “It’s the number of coins that you count not the value of it,” says Chasteen.

Looking for road money helps keep him interested in his exercise. “That kind of breaks up the monotony of running.” Within 22 minutes, he picked up three whole cents, “That’s a good day. Can’t beat that,” as he walks slowly on the sidewalk in front of his office.

His good fortune, however meager on this day’s run, and inconsequential to many people, gets saved. “They go in the jar,” as he opens one with a little room at the top for more coins, joining other coins he saved from a rough street life. “The ones I like the best are the ones that have been run over the most,” says Chasteen as he drops the three pennies into the jar.

The pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters add up. He’s found $1,384 worth coins at last count, proving that frequent running has more than just a healthy pay off.

Bobby Chasteen has received some notoriety with his hobby, through an article he wrote for a national running magazine where he told other runners most of his secrets.

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