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A brand new nest

August 24, 2003

Pelham, Ga.-- Pelham's Price Jones is currently paying the price for having a senior laden team last year. "We lost quite a few starters. We had sixteen seniors on last year's football team and we lost nine starters on offense and six on defense. So we do have a rebuilding process on our hands," Jones said.

That rebuilding process will take place mostly on the offensive side of the ball where just two starters are back from a year ago, and 3-thousand yards of rushing is gone from the backfield. "When you lose over 3,000 yards of offense, that is definitely a big question mark," Jones added.

Jones looks for junior's Shon Atkins and Jeremy Smith to step right in and fill the void. "Our first scrimmage game I had like 120 (yards) and my wingback he had 50(yards) and my other tailback he had 50 (yards), so it looks like we are going to be pretty good this year," Smith said.

Those same two are also the leaders of a defensive unit that will be counted on to keep the Hornets in ball games this year. "They're our so called better athletes and they both have good attitudes. So we're looking for them to lead both offensively and defensively," Jones said.

But despite their lack of experience, the Hornets goal is still the same, a region championship and return trip to the playoffs. "We can do it. We just have to put our minds together and work as a team. We can do it," senior Kyle Pollock said.

The Hornets will try to achieve another goal of theirs this Friday night. Their fourth straight win over rival Mitchell-Baker.

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