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Childbirth class reunites

August 23, 2003

Albany - The childbirth reunion was held for former students of the class and their babies. The babies got a chance to compete against each other, and teach their parents a few lessons, like how baby food really tastes and how dad's can change a diaper in the dark.

The "Labor Day" reunion was held for those who have taken a childbirth class within the past few years.

"The class is just informative as far as what's going on inside the mother's body while the baby is developing," says new dad Juwan Wilson. "Also you get the lingo that the doctors and nurses are going to use while you're in the delivery room so you know what's going on."

His wife Zondria agrees, "I wanted him to know what's going on in my body at all times, so he would understand how I was feeling and what I was going through at all times."

Debra Knight is the Director of the Childbirth classes and she says they teach new parents what to expect. "Part of the fear of childbirth is the unknown," says Knight. "So when you know what's going to happen and you have ways to work through the discomfort and the pain, it makes parents approach labor in a more positive way."

But Juwan says one lesson that he's learned, didn't come from the class: "Patience is what we've learned, a whole lot, patience."

And chances are he'll need it to keep up with little Kaden.

Childbirth classes are held regularly at Phoebe and last from two to six weeks.

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