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Deputies perfect high speed driving skills

Chief Deputy Billy Hancock Chief Deputy Billy Hancock

August 22, 2003

Cordele-- They are not the kind of driving maneuvers you make on the street. The high tech driving simulator is like being behind the wheel of a real cop car in hot pursuit.

Of course, the drivers are practicing their maneuvers in the safety of a classroom, not on the road.

Crisp County Chief Deputy Billy Hancock is trying out the driving simulator. All week long, Crisp County deputies have been in driver training. "It gives you the opportunity to see realistic situations that you face when you are on the roadway," says Hancock.

"It gives you an opportunity to make a mistake and learn from your mistakes. "It would be very costly to be on the street if you were to make a mistake."

The deputies practice several skills, including pursuits, special maneuvers, and burglary response. Drivers have eighty different scenarios to choose from.

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