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The "No Child Left Behind" act has parents curious about the process.

August 21, 2003

Albany-- After a progress report was released naming schools on the needs improvement list, many parents were left with questions about the "No Child Left Behind" act. Parents are concerned why so many south Georgia schools are on the list. Educators say, the truth is, south Georgia school's are improving.

Turner elementary has improved dramatically in reading, English and language arts and mathematics, but there is room for more improvement, and that is what the "No Child Left Behind" act is designed to accomplish. "We want to make sure we have a good strong partnership between the child, the parent, the school and the community," said Congressman Sanford Bishop.

Parents were encouraged to stay involved with their children's education. Congressman Bishop said "When there's parental involvement children are excited and get involved. Without it, children do not perform at the maximum." Michelle Jackson is the parent of a first grader. "Parents are the foundation for a child's success and the more involved the parent is, the more successful a child can be," explained Jackson.

Parents often feel helpless when their children ask for assistance but they were assured today that help is available. A fter the meeting and explanations about the policy, parents seemed a little more confident.

 It is now just a matter of staying informed and involved to keep south Georgia kids ahead.

Parents were also reminded that they can meet with administrators to discuss the qualifications of their children's teachers.

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