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Free backpacks support kids in need

August 21, 2003

Dougherty County - We all know students have a load of books to carry everyday. But what happens if a student can't afford a book bag? World Vision is helping south Georgia kids with needs get back to school with something new on their back.

Eighth grader Michael Windows uses a duffel bag to carry his book load. He says, "The books would stick me in the side because when I walked the books would bounce."

Until today. World Vision Executive Director, Margaret Taylor, unloads boxes and says, "I have 200 for Dougherty Middle School."

World Vision Albany and the SHOPA Foundation gave out free backpacks to kids in need. They also got much needed school supplies. Seventh Grader, Kendrick Powell, says, "School work, it will help me with school work and grades."

Seventh Grader, Alishia Sims says, "It's great. It shows people love children." Every backpack carries more than just books. Taylor says, "We believe young people have a right to succeed and we want to assist them in academic success."

Before the backpacks touched their back these students appreciated the support. Alishia says, "Thank you and GOD will bless you."

Now kids like Michael, Kendrick and Alishia can walk down the hallway and focus on book work instead of how to carry books.

One hundred backpacks were also given to Southside Middle School. World Vision is an international children's organization. They help kids in nearly 100 countries.

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