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Internet bombarded with worms

August 21, 2003
by Audrey Laganas

A recent computer "worm" caused a scare across the Internet and damaged more than a few computers. The Internet these days is filled with all sorts of bugs and viruses and worms.

Even if you don't know exactly what those things are, you need to know how to protect yourself.

Jeffrey Brown's business was not attacked by the worm. The company, Compensation Planning Inc., handles retirement plans -- and a worm attack would have been devastating.

"I guess I feel fortunate now,” Brown said. “I guess I hadn't given it a second thought. I just did it."

What he did was heed the warning his computer consultant sent him three weeks ago -- installing a protective "patch" -- or program. Microsoft sent the same warning out to home users -- but many failed to install the patch -- and got hit.

Bill Dwyer is the company's computer consultant. for added protection, he recommends a fire wall router. "Think of a fire wall as a door -- that you can lock -- protecting your computer from outside attack. These are in the $60 range. You can guy them at Comp USA, circuit city, best buy, or any number of places on the web."

The firewall router protects all the computers that are plugged into it from hackers and worms. If the worm has already hit you, there are fixes, but what if you can't get onto your computer to download them?

"What you would need to do is go to a friend or neighbor's," said Dwyer. Microsoft’s website has fix instructions -- but they can be complicated. Dwyer recommends the Symantec website . They’ve got a simplified version of the fix.

Just put in on a floppy disc and put it into your computer. "And you just run it and it takes care of it for you," Said Dwyer.

By the way, the worms are not specific to any one Internet provider-- they are industry wide.

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