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Family expands wine business

August 21, 2003

Arlington - Still Pond Vineyards in Arlington has been around for close to 30 years. And Charlie Cowart says if he has his way, it will be around for many more.

"That's my goal in life," says Charlie, "To keep this place going generation after generation. I would love to have my entire family out here, and support our family for generations to come."

Charlie's father Charles Cowart is expanding the vineyard to a muscadine grape winery. They already sell grape juice to companies that make wine, and now they are going to make their own.

Charles says, "Hopefully it will be something different, you won't have to go to North Georgia now to go to a winery or see the process or taste their wines. You can come to South Georgia and do it. And enjoy the beautiful scenery down here, too."

With the growing popularity of wine, and the decreasing value of fresh grapes, the Cowarts decided it was the perfect time to get into wine making.

"We want to make this an experience," says Charles. "Not necessarily what our wine taste like, but come enjoy the outdoors, come enjoy rural south Georgia and come and taste what good things we have and make some new friends here."

Harvesting of the grapes will begin in about a week, and then the process will begin. The winery will produce four different wines, and should be open in November.

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