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Thieves love Escalades

August 21, 2003

It looks like buyers aren't the only ones getting their hands on the Cadillac Escalade.... So are thieves.

The luxury SUV is the top target of car thieves, according to an auto insurance report by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

The Dodge Stratus ranked second on the list of stolen cars, becoming the four-door most likely to be targeted. The Mitsubishi Mirage, the most stolen small two-door car, came in third.

Unlike an annual survey which tracks the total number of vehicles stolen, this report looks at auto-theft claims. It also found that five of the top ten vehicles stolen or broken into are SUV's.

Additional info:

4. Jeep Wrangler 4wd
5. Lincoln Navigator 2wd
6. Dodge Intrepid
7. Lincoln Navigator 4wd
8. Dodge Ram 1500 series
9. Ford Expedition 2wd
10. Chrysler Sebring

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