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Another South Georgia soldier welcomed home

August 20, 2003

DOUGHERTY COUNTY - The Georgia Based 3rd Infantry Division the led the push into Iraq when the war began. One young South Georgia soldier was right out front on the frontlines on an artillery scout team. Wednesday night, his church celebrated his safe return.

In January, Dawn Hobby introduced us to Trey Johnson as he awaited deployment orders with his parents in Hinesville.  And now after six months serving with the 3rd Infantry in Iraq, Trey is home. 

"They say once you get back, it'll feel like you never went and it's right," he said.   "It feels like I never went."

But he stresses that is now that he is home, not how he felt while he was in the desert.

"I'm done with my war fighting," Trey said. "I'm done with it.

At 19, he said he was just figuring out life and did not know what to expect but made the best of it.

"Living with those guys for six months we just turned like a famliy, a brotherhood," he said.

Trey said he depended on them to protect him, just as he was protecting them. He also depended on prayers from home.

"I know without a doubt that God has kept his hand on him and brought him back," Trey's mother Patricia said.

Trey Johnson will leave Sunday to return to Fort Stewart. He has a couple years left in the Army but said he does not plan to re-enlist.

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